What Is Android.PUA.DebugKey? How To Remove It From Your Smartphone

Your APK might be safe, or it might not. There are many things that can go wrong when you download apps from the internet. Luckily there’s a site called VirusTotal that’ll scan your APK for viruses and show you if it has any problems.

For MOD APKs, 99% of this tool will warn you about Android.PUA.DebugKey malware. But what is it? Is it dangerous?

What is Android.PUA.DebugKey?

If you are finding What is Android PUA Debug Key?

All Android apps must be signed before being installed and used. The signature helps verify the integrity of an app file, which means editing your Android app will break it and you’ll need to re-sign it.



Sometimes you may see the message “Android.PUA.DebugKey” when you install an application. This warning message occurs whether or not you’re using Android Studio. Debug signatures are commonly used for testing purposes, and it’s safe to disregard this message if you downloaded your app from the official Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

How to Fix Android.PUA.DebugKey

Why Does My MOD APK Usually Have a Warning From Android.PUA.DebugKey?

When an Android app developer submits their product to the Google Play store, they must sign it in with a password. MOD APK files are only signed with a debug signature, and modders cannot get developers’ signatures.

Is Android.PUA.DebugKey dangerous?

There’s no danger.

In the majority of cases, Android.PUA.DebugKey is a false positive warning.

Online virus scanners might not catch a virus.

Although all popular antiviruses, like Norton, Kaspersky, and AVG, do not consider DebugKey a harmful virus.

While most true-world forums are against downloading Android.PUA.DebugKey (What is Android PUA Debug Key), more and more websites seem to promote it for download. This is because many actors working in the cyber world will say anything to get your credit card information or information from your computer.

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